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Double-Masked, Double-Injected - Still Contracts Covid
By Fast Eddy


TORONTO -- A fully vaccinated Ontario woman says she and her son were "crammed like sardines" inside the Toronto airport after returning from a trip and have now become infected with COVID-19.

She said they completed a COVID-19 test before leaving Canada, double-masked while out in public and rarely left her parents' home. 

"They live in a gated community with very high vaccination rates," Castle told CTV News Toronto on Thursday. "We pretty much stayed to ourselves the whole time."

Before leaving Florida last weekend, the 42-year-old and her son both completed another COVID-19 test, which she said came back negative. 

But on the flight home, Castle said there were times when she didn't feel completely safe. 

Castle said when she got off the plane, they proceeded to customs but couldn't find any space to distance from other people.

After a few days, Castle son started to feel better but, after becoming symptomatic, she was tested for COVID-19 as well and received a positive result on Tuesday despite being double-vaccinated.

"He had two days of high fever and then two days of low fever, but then it kind of changed."

Castle said her son developed a cough that, at times, was scary.

"He didn't feel like he could get air in," she said. "He looked afraid. The fear in his eyes, that was very scary. There were a couple days where one of us was always in a room with him because we felt he needed to be watched."

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